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I'm looking for a way to do line in recoding through the headphone jack on an iPhone 5. I've downloaded FiRe 2 for this purpose but there are no settings to switch from the internal mic to an external mic. Their support has offered no solutions. I've also considered buying White Recorder and Pro Audio to Go but if I keep buying apps to test, I will have spent enough money to buy a dedicated recorder. I have the appropriate TRRS mic adapter cable from Sescom. My goal is to use the iPhone a s a field recorder for video shoots instead of purchasing a Zoom or Tascam recorder. I would also like to record live music events in stereo as well but the video application is most pressing now.





AppleTV 2
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    They even tell you what apps work best.

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    Thanks for the reply . I'm familiar with the Bleu Mikey. I've already got mics and I don't want another piece of hardware to add to the iPhone. I just want to be able to plug a professional mic into it and record.

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    My iPhone seems to automatically switch to an external mic when one is plugged in.  The issue I find is that using the headphone port only allows mono recording because there is only one contact for the mic there (excluding the ground)  To get stereo recording, you need to use a digital input, which goes through the dock/lightning connector.  I don't know of any that are out for the lightning connector yet, but there are several options for using the dock connector.