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Recently uploaded latest version of ITunes on my WindowsXP system. Can access the ITunes store but when I click on "Search" (in music, movies, apps, etc.) I get a white screen. Never had this problem before downloading the newer version. Have removed and reinstalled the latest ITunes version with no luck. Is there a fix for this problem? Apple tech support has not been able to fix.

Windows XP
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    I apologize for clogging the blog. As a rookie I am a novice when it comes to posting questions for the forum. I want to troubleshoot my problem noted in my initial post tonight. Bottom line: the issue is that I can access the ITunes Store but when I search for music, movies, or apps the screen goes all white. I am working in WindowsXP and I downloaded the latest version of ITunes on Sunday. Not sure if this gives the forum enough info to go on, but I would appreciate the forum's thoughts. Apple tech support has been worthless. Tks for the assistance.

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    When you removed iTunes and reinstalled it, was it in accordance with this support document http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925. The removal and installation of iTunes in Windows can be difficult at times and the sequence must be followed.

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    Did everything according to the support document. Also updated Java and even turned off my firewall to ensure that wasn't creating some sort of block. Reinstalled ITunes and I still have the same problem - white screen whenever I search for something in the ITunes Store. Message to Apple: this is making me miss my Walkman (for you kids, ask your parents what that is). Does anyone have any other ideas how I may resolve this problem?

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    Well, Apple does not view these posts, nor do they respond here. You might try and look in the right side of the thread where it says, More Like This and see if you find anything similar there. I'm not aware of a problem like this, so I couldn't recommend any other option. And, I know what a Walkman is, from the first ones with FM radio, to the cassette to the CD. How about a transistor radio??

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    please follow the steps:


    1) Sign out of your iTunes Store account


    2) Close iTunes


    3) Restart your computer


    4) Reset Cache*


    *From iTunes, look at the top of the page and select "iTunes", choose "Preferences", then select "Advanced" and click "Reset Cache".