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Unfortunally i deleted the gpt table on my WD 1 TB external disk.  This disk was HFS or HFS+ formatted.

Don't ask me why.... it's a stupid mistake with big consequences because this was my back-up disk.


Step 1: conneted my WD 1 TB external disk to my windows 8 laptop

Step 2: open commandline

Step 3: type 'diskpart'

Step 4: type 'list disk'

Step 5: type 'Select disk 1' (is a variable)

Step 6: type 'clean'


I tried different tests with several (Windows and Apple) applications as written on several Support Comunities.

The test where performed on a USB stick to provide more damage on de WD External HD.


Who can help me to restore my WD external HD with my:

  • TimeMachine Database
  • Movies
  • Software
  • etc.


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I learning guy

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)