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I use my mac for both work and home and consequently have a number of different ways of needing to access information.  iCal is brilliant in many ways at keeping my diaries separate but it would be really helpful if it were to be able to do a few more things.  It may be that some of these are already possible, but I am just not able to find out how to do them with my limited knowledge.


1     Rather than inputting information into Notes at the bottom of an ical event, which do not interrelate with anything else, I would love to be able to set up different custom templates depending on which calendar I am using.  I am a vicar and so depending on what sort of event I am arranging requires very different information.  Often I need a number of different files available to bring to some of my meetings, notes are a little too limited for this.  Could there be a way of setting up templates that would come up depending on which calendar I have accessed. For example I am asked to officiate at a funeral, there will be an initial phone call at which some of the information about the event will be available, but I will need to arrange at least one meeting previous to the funeral itself at which I need to record a variety of different facts, some of which are practical and some of which are personal, these need to be separate from each other but linked to each of the dates that relate to the event itself.  This would mean that on the day of the event itself all of the data that has been gleaned from the other meetings would be in the one place. 


2 Some of my meetings are linked with other meetings but not necessarily on the same date, how can I link them so that information taken at one meeting is automatically linked to all the other meetings relating to that particular issue.  For instance, I have a building project that we are working on at the moment, how do I attach all of the emails and files relating to that issue to all of the events that are coming up that relate to the building project, even though the meetings never take place on the same day or at the same time. 


3 Someone at Apple must know that not all months are 28 days.  For those of us who work on a rotating pattern this means that where we have five of a particular day of the week, in my case Sundays, we might need to adjust our monthly pattern of work when we have a fifth sunday in the month, but the calendar does not allow for us to set up a repeating pattern for fifth sundays, there is only the possibility of four in a month, so everything has to be adjusted by hand.

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    Well, no-one here has any more influence with Apple than you have, so you should use http://www.apple.com/feedback/ical.html to tell them.


    You could set up your templates using MS Word, or similar. Then, when you are eg arranging a funeral you use the funeral template, and save it as a new file. Then when making the first iCal entry relating to the funeral include a link (attachment) to that funeral file. Subsequent entries would be made by copying and pasting the original, then changing date/time, thus preserving the link to the file.


    Your 5th Sunday issue might be manageable if you could give an example.