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I was so excited to upgrade to iTunes 11.....(oxy-moron).  It's not a upgrade (maybe to Apple) it's a big time downgrade (for me).


Here we go.


1....AppleTV3 (ATV3) will not stay connected to computer using iTunes11, worked fine with iTune10.7.

      a.....The problem is when the computer sleeps ATV3 disconnects, if the computer never sleeps everything works fine.

2....The UI is a complete hack.

3....Can't view Album Art work in list view.

4....If you add a movie to Movies it's put in Home Movies so you have to change, not so in iTunes 10.7.

5....TV shows are combines as series, no so in iTunes 10.7

6....Good thing about iTunes11 is they brought back the color side bar icons.

7....Playlist on ATV3 (Movies) showes date added, if date added is selected in list view.

8....UI for iPhone, iPad, iPod is much improved.


There are many other negatives and positives but I won't go any futher.  So I completely wiped my computer and started over, thank goodness I had made a copy of ML 10.8.1 and downloaded a copy of iTunes 10.7 a few weeks ago.


Please fix the UI and ATV connection........starting to loose faith in Apple building quality software.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 2012 MBP 15.4 2.6 i7 Quad USB3
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    Apple Support Communities is primarily an end-user to end-user (i.e., users like you helping other users) technical issue support feature. Feedback will truly get more attention if you send it using:



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    Agreed.......Im helping others by telling them to downgrade, and how.  And a few opinions along the way.

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    Im helping others by telling them to downgrade, and how.

    By wiping their computer???


    So I completely wiped my computer and started over, thank goodness I had made a copy of ML 10.8.1 and downloaded a copy of iTunes 10.7 a few weeks ago.

    There's many, many posts here outlining much simpler and more targeted methods to downgrade  iTunes without wiping a whole computer.

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    Yes, completely wiping my (their) computer.  Being a Beta tester I've found the BEST way to reinstall bad updates (upgrades) is to wipe and re-install.....including iTunes.  Otherwise several components will be missing and looking for those is complained for the novelist.


    If you have a solid backup (I have 3) it's not that difficult and minimal time investment for a solid operating system.  The most time consuming is secure erasing the drive if HDD, second is the install of the OS.  Data install time will vary.  Actual time invested about an hour total (that's sitting in front of my computer).  Total accumulated  actual time (for me) less than 3 hours (2 hours of NOT sitting in front of the computer).


    BTW,  My Beta computer is just that a Beta computer (just for testing).  I do have a MAIN computer and my wife has her's (all laptops and all with the same data).


    I've read the many post you refer too and to each his/her own.....I prefer my method, but then again I'm blessed to have a beta computer that's not used for critical operations and data storage.  Time Machine really makes reinstall a very simple task.  I also have a Synology DS with Cloud Station running on all my computers, so all data is synced.


    You are correct, there are other ways to downgrade iTunes11 rather than wipe and reinstall.  And your recommendation is probably best for the masses wanting to downgrade, I choose an absolute method.