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We have an executive in our company where their admin solely administers their Calendar via Outlook.  The exec has been inadvertantly managing/accepting/declining/etc meetings via the Invitations box on the iPhone Calendar when only the admin should.  They do not recieve the notifications via their Outlook client per an Exchange setup or rule, but they still see the meeting requests via a red badge in the iPhone Calendar.  I've turned off calendar audio alerts and the badge notifier on Calendar so that attention is not brought to it.  Is there a way to turn the badge off on notification or any other suggestions?


Exchange 2010

iOS: 6.0.1

iPhone 4S


Here is a flow(from left to right).


1. New meeting invite is recieved, admin has not accepted yet... Invitations shows a badge(1).  If opened, the reply options offered are Mabey, Accept, Decline.

2. AFTER the admin accepts/manages the meeting invite there is still a badge(1) on Invitations.  However, the dialog prompt of Mabey, Accept, Decline, changes to OK.


The badge under Invitations will not go away until OK is selected.  That tells me that Exchange is properly communicating the status of the invite so I would have to think that the knob/setting to turn would be on the iOS side.  Any advice would be appreciated.




iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1