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I have a PC and a laptop--not Apple computers. I do, however, have an iPhone, iPod, and iPad that I manually manage music on. Because I do not want to fill up my entire data storage with ALL of my music, I do not automatically sync them. Also, my iPod has songs on it from a previous computer so if I automatically sync it now I will lose them.


With the previous iTunes, you could easy manage songs, playlists, etc by just dragging and dropping. You could also select your device and delete songs as well. I cannot figure out how to do this with the new iTunes. I understand most people use iCloud, however, since I do not have an Apple computer where I store my music, I cannot use iCloud to its full ability. Basically I just want to be able to plug my phone/ipod/ipad into my computer and manually manage everything. Yes, I have the "manually manage" button selected as well. I tried calling Apple Support to ask them to walk me through it, but all they did was tell me they couldn't help me unless I bought Apple Care and then referred me back to the support website which was no help.


Is there anyway to go back to the old version???????

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