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What is th issue now? Everytime I try opening garage band is shows a message saying " GarageBand requires QuickTime 7.3.0 or higher." I tried this. Then after I do everything it tells me to do it replies that my version is too old or something. Ive used garageband on this mac a hundred times now I can't. What do I do!?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    please explain a little more:

    What exactly are your versions now?

    You upgraded from Mac OS X (10.5.8) to which version?

    And you upgraded to which version of GarageBand?

    And what is the" everything it tells me to do"?


    it replies that my version is too old or something

    The version of what? Is your GarageBand version to old, or your GarageBand project version?


    What sometimes can happen after upgrading the operating system and then reinstalling the iLife applications, is that you install from old installation media. Then, when you try to open your projects, you get a warning, that the projects have been created with newer versions of the software. In this case, upgrade GarageBand using Software Update, before you try to open one of your projects.




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    I used the Mac OS X Leopard CPU drop in dvd. On the DVD im noticing it says version 10.5. I didnt upgrade my garageband because it wont let me on my version.