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Since iOS 6, I have had 2 issues that are driving me crazy when it comes to WiFi.  My home network and portable WiFi hotspots are unaffected.  However WiFi networks that require you to accept Terms and Conditions or provide a login are problematic.  They require a reboot of the iOS device EVERY time before I can connect to it the next time I visit.  I have an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd Gen Wifi, and iPad 4 4th Gen WiFi + Cellular(Sprint).  They all have the same issue.  Connecting to my home WiFi (which is an airport extreme) never requires a reboot.  Its only these specific types of WiFi networks.



Problem #1 - When I connect to a WiFi Network that had a portal redirect, it will not always pop up the portal page.  Only known repeatable method is to reboot the iOS device.

  1. I have tried turning the proxy to "auto" and renew the lease.  It does not force the pop up portal. 
  2. I have reset network settings.  This works, but its no different than reboot.  At least with just a reboot, I dont have to set everything back up again when its done. 
  3. I go into Safari to try and go to a website (like apple.com, google.com, etc..) thinking it would force a popup. It just churns and eventually get page can not be loaded.
  4. I have tried with auto join off, ask to join off, WiFi as a whole on/off. 


The only tried and true solution is a reboot of the iOS device. 


Problem #2 - When I am able to connect to the login or acceptance portal, I used to be able to "autofill" the creditials.  This was controlled by enabling and configuring this option in Settings -> Safari.  Now regardless of the setting and configuration, iOS 6 will never remember your email address provided or username/password. 


I was hoping this would be solved with an iOS 6.01 update given it worked reliably in iOS5.X.  Anyone else having these issues and have a solution?  There are WiFi issues all over the place, but they seem to be sepecific with "home networks" and not these login and acceptance "guest" WiFi hotspots we see at businesses, cafes, etc...

iPad, iOS 5.1.1, 64GB Retina
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    I have the same problem.  The work around I ended up using is turning Cellular Data off.  As soon as that is shut down then it will load the terms of service page.  I ran into the problem when I updated to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 and when I moved to the iPhone 5 I had the same problem.  I turn off the cellular data anytime I try to connect to a proxy wifi system and then when I leave the network turn the cellular data back on, it's a bit easier than doing full restarts.