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Background:  I am using an iPod Touch Ver 2 runnning iOS4, a MacPro laptop ruuning Lion (OS10.7), iCal, and Microsoft Office Outlook 2011.  I routinely use my iPod Touch as a PDF to sync my Outlook calendar.  I use Outlook as my business email and calendar function.  Until this past September or so, everything was working well regarding syncing the Outlook calendar with my iPod Touch calendar.  This would be done via USB wire connection in iTunes.  In parallel with syncing to iTunes the Outlook calendar also synched with the iCal calendar. 


Then, as we say, **** hit the fan.  The iCal and Outlook entries started to replicate each other.  This applied to vacation/holiday entries.  It would morph into thousands of entries.  On the Help site, I was able to find some relief, but it was temporary.  The directions were to

(1) uncheck Sync Services in the Outlook Preferences,

(2) Remove Sync and Daemon from the Activity Monitor,

(3) Trash various folders and files in the Library such as Calendar folder contents, Application Support/Address Book contents, and Cache iCal and AddressBook folders.


This certainly cleaned up the iCal leaving a blank slate. The next step in the directions were to recheck Sync Services in the Outlook Preferences.  As iCal populated itself with Outlook entries, I was able to sync my Touch.  BUT-This simply started the replication process over!


I have since removed and reloaded Microsoft Office, to no avail.


If I do not use SyncServices in  Outlook preferences, the entries from Outlook do not transfer to iCal, and therefore there is nothing to sync to my Touch.


I have another computer, an old MacMini (OS10.6, Snow Leopard) that runs iCal.  I have no problem syncing the Touch to this device by USB, or another iPod Classic (running iOS 1.3). 


I have Restored my Touch multiple times to no avail.


Any ideas on how to stop the replication?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), iPod Touch 2nd Gen iOS 4
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    Okay.  So I need to answer this myself!  It turns out thru my discovery that the problem was probably not a Mac OS probelm, but it was a Mircosoft problem.  Thinking about the 'old' Mac OS days when you go into a Preference Folder and delete files, I went into the Library, then Cache folder, and preceded to the Outlook folder and deleted its contents.  I also repeated the above for safe measure.  The problem went away.  I haven't had the replication problem for months, now.   I can only conclude that something in the Outlook software got corrupted.