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In previous versions of iTunes, if you had a playlist (not a song) selected, you could click the play button and the first song in the playlist would play. That doesn't seem to be the case in iTunes 11. You have to select a song in the playlist in order for play to begin. This does not strike me as a step forward. Am I missing something?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I don't think so but my use case was always to just double click the song I wanted then the rest of the playlist plays as well. This seems to work.


    Your method works when I first open itunes when nothing has been selected before

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    What happens then when the first song has finished playing ? Does it then go to the next song or does the playlist just stop playing ?

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    Hi, seems to play throught the whole playlist. What happens on your setup?

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    Ok. Now I understand.

    When you select a playlist, the playlist opens. Up in the top left of the playlist you'll see the Title followed by a Play Arrow and a Suffle icon. It's THAT arrow you should click to start the Playlist. If instead you click the shuffle, the playlist will start playng from a random song and continue in shuffle mode.

    Note also, that out to th e top right is a button which lets you change the view of the playlist and, for smart playlists, a button to edit the playlist.

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    You would think from a usability point of view that if you start the playlist as you say the play symbol would switch to a pause symbol so you could stop the playback. I know it is always ay the top left but it would just seem more user friendly that way.


    In iTunes 10 you could set the shuffle at the bottom left then when you started playing any song the list would reshuffle and play. Doesn't seem to do that now.

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    You open your playlist, you click one of the two buttons to start it playing.


    Then say, you decide to have a look at your albums in the ALBUMS pane, so off you go there. What possible use is a pause symbol in the playslist window now ? That's why it's in the upper left. And the Shuffle and the Repeat icons are in the top central play information box. Where you can always see them where ever you are.


    The shuffle works a lttle differently now. Shuffle doesn't actually change the order of the songs in the actual playlist, it just randomly selects the next song. Want to see the order ? In the top central information box, on the extreme right, is the "Up Next" symbol (3 bars). Click that and it will show how your playlist has been shuffled and even the name if the playlist in case you've forgotten. Click the little clock and you can see what's recently been played.

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    A little addendum which I forgot.


    If you already have a another playlist playing when you open this new one, that is the one which is being controlled by the main controls in the top upper left. Even when you select a song in the new playlist, the main control is for the playlist already playing.