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do i/should i use my same appleid for my mini as i do for my mac and my itouch?

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    Use the same Apple ID

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    then there is a prompt that says if i do that i can't use it on the other devices. does this simply mean i can't use the ID on the devices simultaneously, but that i can use it on any one of them, one at a time? just double checking. thanks for prompt reply to original question! thanks in advance for any feedback on this question. js pug

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    A single AppleID supports several iOS devices (up to 10?, not sure). Where (in what process), are you getting this warning? And what exactly does it say?

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    i just received the new device. i'm configuring it now, for first time use. when i log in with my existing apple ID it says "you are about to set up this device with xxxx. This email has been verified by another apple ID. If you continue, the other apple ID will not be able to use this email for services like iCloud, imessage, facetime, and game center."

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    Also, how many other devices/PC's are you using the same ID on?  Even different user accounts on the same computer count against your total.  iCloud and iTunes Match allow 10 total devices including the Apple TV.  The Apple ID used for iTunes and App Store purchases is limited to 5 devices/user accounts. I have to watch our account closely since my wife and I both have iPhones, we have 2 Apple TV's, and 4 Computers with multiple profiles running iTunes. You can check how many devices you have authorized through iTunes.  Click on Store, then Veiw account.  Sign in and you will see a button to see a list and manage devices.

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    thanks lanthin for chiming in. just those devices previously mentioned. 1) mac laptop for home use, 2) itouch, 3) this new mini. maybe this means i have to go to itunes as you describe and get/change/increase authorization for more devices and i won't get this prompt? have to do this at home b/c that site is firewalled on my office computer that i'm on now.

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    Also, if you have recently replaced a device, the old device will remain authorized untill you remove it from the list.  If Apple wants us to continue to integrate their products into our lives, they are going to have to remove these limits. 

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    no, i didn't buy this mini to replace any other device... so total i just have these three mac products.

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    i just checked (thanks lanthin for directing me to this) and i am authorized to play content for this apple ID on two computers. does this mean i can't use it on one more device? or is that statement literal and it means two actual 'computers' and the itouch and the ipad mini are not 'computers'? it's also not clear on that screen how i can increase this if at all, if that's what i need to do. the only option is to 'deauthorize all' which i expect is not what i want.


    also i'm not sure if i'm interpreting the statement correctly... "you are about to set up this device with xxxx. This email has been verified by another apple ID. If you continue, the other apple ID will not be able to use this email for services like iCloud, imessage, facetime, and game center."


    maybe i just need to accept that and move through the configuration process? it just seems like that is NOT what i want/should do.


    thanks again for any help from anyone in this community.

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    Just remembered, I got a similar message when I tried to add a second iCloud email address to my iPhone.  The second ID is tied to an old iPhone we keep around for my wifes younger cousins.  Ended up not adding it to my phone.  Not sure what the consequences would have been had I added it. point being, there could be a conflict with another email address giving you the notice.  Just spitballing at this point.  Eager to hear the resolution.

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    A computer in their eyes is an iOS device, or Mac and PC's with iTunes.  Each User profile on a Mac or PC counts as 1 computer.  So as I read it Apple agknowledges your iPod touch and Mac, but not your Mini.  You are allowed 5 computers for use the ID for purchases, and ten for iTunes match.  Not sure where actual iCloud things such as Mail, Calendar, and Messages fall in that group.  If it were me I would make sure I had a current backup of the Touch and Mac, and then take a swing at adding the Mini to the account.  If something doesn't go as planned, you can fall back on the backup's.


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    i didn't find a solution through this correspondence so just pushed on and clicked 'next' in the setup process. what happened is that i got an email (to my apple ID email account) saying that another device used my apple ID and for me to verify it, otherwise the implication was that someone else was trying to use my apple ID. so when i verified it it seemed all was well, and i appear to be able to use all devices with this apple ID w/o problem. seems to just be (a confusing) layer in the set up process to prevent duplicate, inadvertent use of apple ID's, but i think the messaging could be clearer.

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    I totally agree, the message is confusing.


    I noticed the same "problem".  I do not fully understand the impact of using the same ID on multiple computers and devices if I want to keep them all in sync.


    Apple should clarify this situation, especially if it want to promote keeping a user in sync regardless of what computer or device they are using.