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Good afternoon.

That's the first time I'm writting in the community because, although I'm a Macbook Pro user, I just have received my Ipad.

I come from Spain, where I'm living, and this Ipad was a present for my reach in reading a PhD. (I know there's no difference in the form of adress in a lot of countries, but here in Spain when we're talking about a man, we call him Doctor, Dr., and if it's a woman Doctora or Dra.), so now I am Doctora. When I started to register my new Ipad, I could reach that this form of adress is only available for a male gender, and it was a little surprising and incomprehensible while being in XXI cent. Could give the option in the future, for all the PhD women in Spain  "Doctoras", to choose this tittle please?

Thank you very much for hearing me