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I bought my husband a surprise gift of an iPad. I wanted to set it up with some purchased apps and transfer photos from my MacBook Pro using my iTunes account. In order to do that, I had to use my Apple ID to set up the iPad, purchase the apps from iTunes, and sync to my laptop to transfer photos.


Now that I have that done, I want to remove the connection/sync'ing with my Apple ID from his new iPad so that when he turns on his gift, it will prompt him to sync to all his Apple products (his MacBook with his ITunes account, iPhone, iPod, iCloud, etc), and not mine any longer.


Is that possible and how is it done?

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM), iOS 6.0.1
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    Unfortunately, those apps you purchased with your ID will remain associated with your ID, not his, making any future updates to them a bit cumbersome. You should have gifted them instead.


    The easilest way to wipe the iPad clean and set up with his ID is to open the Settings app > General > Reset > Reset all settings adn Erase and Content. this will take the iPad back to factory setings and ready to set up with his ID. It will also erase any content you added, including apps.


    Another alternative: Open the Settings App > iTunes & App store, tap the Id and then Sign out. Then sign in with his ID. This will keep the apps you purchased on the iPad, but will preevnt him from updating them.

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    I guess I have to go with your Alternative 2 since I don't want to lose the apps and erase the photos that I have put on his iPad.


    Would you please expand on your instructions about the Settings App? Is this on the iPad or my MacBook? The settings feature on the laptop or in iTunes? What do you mean about the App store?


    And once I do these steps in Alt 2, the iPad will be able to sync to his Apple ID and his devices, correct?

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    I'm specifically referring to setting the ID on the iPad. However, you will need to set both ID's in iTunes if you are sychning to your PC for any reason.


    The basic areas where the AppleID comes into play on the iPad are:

    • iTunes & App Store - this controls access to purchasing and updating apps, as well as purchasing content from Apple such as music, movies, podcasts and such. It is set in the Settings App > iTunes & App Stores
    • iCloud - This controls syncronization of some content with an icloud account, as well as back up to icloud. Only applies if iCloud is turned on for the iPad on the specific account. Setting App > iCloud.
    • FaceTime - Sett available receive address for FaceTime based on the Apple ID. Settings App > FaceTime
    • Messages -  Ditto. Settings App > Messages > Send and Recieve.



    To be honest, using multiple Apple IDs on a device can turn into a royal pain in the tush. While I understand the desire to keep some of those purchases intact, in the long run it might not be worth it.


    You might find some of the links on this page helpful (including one tot he User Guide for iOS): http://www.apple.com/support/ipad/getstarted/