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I'm trying to fix my Mum's old iMac G5 (iSight). I'm pretty certain it's got some power  issues but I've not yet had the back off of it to properly check the Logic board. At the moment, when you try and power up the computer, it's just pretty much dead. All you get is a blank, black screen which sometimes flickers briefly, sometimes doesn't and then, after a short while, the fans go crazy.


I'm hoping it might get solved with a simple SMU reset, but I tried the "holding down the power switch whilst inserting the power lead & then pressing the power switch a second time to power-up" but to no avail.


Next step then is to take the back off  & check out  the Logic board, but the instructions only seem to be for more recent iMacs or  iMac G5's with no iSight. Why should the iSight make such a difference? Can I follow the troubleshooting step-by-step guide or not?


Cheers for any help