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Is there a program that will convert an Appleworks Database program  - my Christmas Card mailing list is done as a Database in Appleworks but my new iMac only shows it in line form which is absolutely useless for doing labels.  Fast becoming a nonMac user  ..  Totally disgusted with the computer. 

iMac 1GHz Power PC G4 (3.3 ), Also using Classic 9, SuperDrive, & External 3.5 External Floppy
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    Nothing except AppleWorks will open an Appleworks database, and you cannot run AppleWorks on Lion or Mountain Lion. If you still have a Mac capable of running AppleWorks - i.e. Snow Leopard or earlier - you will need to export the database as ASCII text. You can then open it in a spreadsheet or another database program: probably Bento is your best bet - it's fairly basic but it is not expensive and should be able to convert your database data to a usable database (the original formatting can't be carried over, only the data). There's a free trial of Bento available so you can experiment to see if it meets your requirements.