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How do I open a Unicast or Multicast broadcasting from Quicktime Broadcaster, in Quicktime? HELP PLEASE!

For clarification, I have a Unicast broadcast, or a Multicast broadcast, in Quicktime Broadcaster, but, I have no idea how to open it in Quicktime!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Well, if you are trying to open the broadcast on OS 10.6.8, it is rather easy once you do it.

    On the "Broadcast Mac" Stop the braodcast.

    Then Go up to the File Menu and select Export SPD.

    In the Save as field, name it something that makes sense and export it to the desktop.


    That file you just created is what the clients need on their Macs to connect to the broadcast.

    Copy it over to another Mac. Start the Broadcast again.


    Double click the exported file on the client Mac and it should open QuickTime and try to connect to the broadcast.

    Sometimes you may need to click the play button to get it started.



    My issue is we have had this setup for years as a simple security camera for our front door at the receptionist's desk. If she is out or away for any length of time, she kicks the broadcast on and any of us can watch the front door and desk.


    We just upgraded to OS 10.8.2 and the broadcast Mac is fine. I can still view the broadcast on any OS 10.6.8 Macs but OS 10.8.2 clients get nothing. It opens a black window with the text "Live Broadcast" below the play button. Whether I click play or not. Nothing happens.


    Anyone else got an idea?


    Is QuickTime Player 10.2 no longer compatible with "QuickTime Broadcaster" streams?