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just wondering what does ESN means on iphones, am looking for some iphones on ebay from USA. just would like to see wat it means, and if bad ESN... would it work in UK,


if clear ESN and locked on network such as Verizon, would it work in UK



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    Just save yourself the trouble... flush the money down the loo and smack your head against the wall a few times. The end result will be the same.


    Buying a phone on ebay is a bad idea. 90% of them or more are hacked, jailbroken, stolen, blacklisted, or otherwise a bad deal.

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    Any locked phone will only work on the network it is locked to.

    If the device has a "bad ESN" it may suffer from a hardware failure or have been reported lost/stolen.  These issues can and almost certainly will prevent the carrier from unlocking the device.


    As suggested, buy yourself an iPhone from a legitimate carrier or authorized reseller.

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    oh okay thanks guys. only reason why i wanted it from ebay because price, if you could save about 200$ from it then why not.... and i can report seller and eventually get my money back, as long as all transactions are made via paypal and ebay, they should be able to give me my money back if the phone wasnt as i expected.

    if its clearn ESN and locked on 1 network, you can get it unlocked, shouldnt be a problem should it ?

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    Depends on the wireless carrier that it is locked to. You would have

    to contact that carrier to find out if they offer unlocking and if you

    qualify. Some will unlock only for the original owner of the iPhone.

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    ohh okay. thank you


    cheers guys.