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Just need some guidance here. The other day I went onto my "Activity Monitor" and saw that my 1GB memory in my Macbook had just a little sliver of green. I also had some page outs. So I ran disc repair and wala! over 500MB of space in my memory and no page outs. Now a few days later I look again and not much free space in memory, but not as bad and way more page outs than b4. So I did the same thing but this time it again opened up a lot of free space, but it had no effect on the page outs. BTW, I have all my applications out of use when I check. Browsers closed etc.


I am wondering if the page outs really matter any. I have 35% left on my disc so it is not maxed out at all, and 282 MB in page outs, so that is a small portion of my hard drive. Free space on memory comes and goes. I assume the page outs happen when I run out of memory. And BTW I have 4GB ordered which should help when it arrives.


So my real question is: Are the page outs a problem? Why did I get rid of them the first time and 2nd time not? And, It annoys me when my laptops fan comes on and it gets slow. How to prevent that. It seems to happen even while I still have free space on my memory, so I am assuming it is not a memory issue. I am updating to Snow L soon so perhaps there will be more protection then? My guess is that If I am on a site that works my computer hard it is because there is mal stuff coming in. Although it often happens on Gov sites. I would not expect them to have that kind of stuff....But I am sure there are those who think differently LOL


Thanks for any clarifications you can give me on these endeavors.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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