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I can't get the mail app from wanting to connect to mobileme when I try to update my mac.com email preferences.  At first it kept opening dialog messages that the certificate to retrieve my e-mails is unvalid and unsecure.  I looked on support here and it was suggested I delete that mail account and start fresh. 

I did but now keep getting a the following prompt:


I was able to set up and ICloud account on an iOS device


screen grab1.jpg

I have too many ProPC apps that I use daily which will no longer work if I upgrade to Lion at this time.  Upgrading to Mountain Lion will be a $8000 expense for me, I can't afford at this time.  I just need to retrieve my mac.com emails on my IMac using Snow Leopard.  I use a iMac 3.2 GHz i3.


Is there a workable fix or should I just navigate all communication to a gmail account and abandon my mac.com account?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)