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I have to ask, has anyone found a suitable resolution for Windows 7 on a Retina MacBook Pro 15-inch?


It seems that only the 1920x1200 or 2880x1800 resolutions work "well" with the Retina Display. What I mean by "well" is that the aspect ratio seems to be fine.



  • With the 1920x1200 resolution, many windows, applications, and such are at a terrible resolution; things are blurry in general and everything is huge as if I were in high contrast mode and all of the icons were made bigger.





  • With the 2880x1800 resolution, everything on the screen is tiny and miniscule to the point where it's unusable for me.




Seriously, is there a resolution that works well in Windows 7 with the Retina Display?


Right now I'm finding these available resolutions barely useable. The 2880x1800 is waaaay too tiny for me to use and I'll probably destroy my eyesight if I use it. The 1920x1200 resolution is usable but it's such a pain to stare at blown-up programs with blurry text (Valve's Steam, Skype, and Foobar2000 programs for example).

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Try to use 2880x1800 with display scaling 150%

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    I have been frustrated for the past 3 days on this. I have experianced the exact same issue. All other resolutions loose the crisp reason I purchased a retina display in the first place.


    And while yes windows 7 has a DPI scaler, and 150% looks ok, it's still too small. You can go up to 200% but at this point it starts getting blurry again and also the text won't fit inside everything often time I'll see pop up windows to put passwords in and the text wrap will start forcing the insert feild off the small window.


    I just hope someone releases a driver update soon. this and the scrolling lag in web browsers are almost a deal breaker for me. Very close to a return.

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    I've just bought a rMBP 13, installed Boot Camp and found that the full 2880 with 150% DPI causes problems with some programs and the incorrect scaling.


    I tried a few things and eventually got it down to the following:


    Set the resolution to 1920 x 1200

    Set the scaling to 100% DPI

    Run the ClearType setup and configure the screen.


    I've found that i now have enough realestate to be able to code in .NET/SQL, the icons are small enough to be unobtrusive and the text is sharp and readable.


    This also fixed the scaling issues on some software (e.g. SQL Management Studio and Remote Desktop Connection Manager).


    I do wear glasses, but haven't tried it with my contact in yet.


    Hope this helps

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    Dear all,


    2880*1800 is very high resolution for Windows applications, especially when I use my mbp retina with bootcamp I need a middle resolution with clear vision. So I focused on NVIDIA since Windows' predefined resolutions is not very satisfactory.

    From NVIDIA Control Panel I have created a custom resolution which is exactly 3/4 ratio of 2880*1800.

    Which is 2160*1350 and I feel comfortable with this resolution, hope it helps..


    Best Regards,

    Ergin Ozturk


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    always nateive or modulus 2 resolutions


    modulus 2 mean resolutions where you can device the resolution without getting a remainder



    2880*1800 -> 1440*900 -> 720 * 450 and so ...

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    After much tinkering around. I found the best [custom] resolution. It is 2160x1350 and "make text and other items larger" setting at 150% ... This is found by right clicking on your desktop

    -> Screen Resolution

    -> "Make Text and other items larger or smaller"

    -> "Larger-150%" ->Apply.


    You will have to then log out and back in to see the changes..


    The custom resolution is created in the NVIDIA Control Panel:

    ->right click on desktop screen

    ->NVIDIA Control Panel

    ->select "Change Resolution" under the "Display" tab (left side bar)

    ->select "Customize..."

    ->select "Create Custom Resolution..." on the bottom of the screen.

    ->Change on the Horizontal pixels (2160) & Vertical Lines (1350)

    ->Click test and then accept the changes


    I found that this was the best SR as it did not distort images and was elements were not too small or big. Along with this, you will notice, that elements remain as sharp as the native 2880x1800 SR.


    Please share and I hope this helps!