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This insn't about GB but still about music. I though here might be the place to my ansewer or answers , mainly because I've got great anwsers here about my GB questions .


A lot of time for fun and pratice I'll jam along with songs in my iTunes . I'm on an iMac so my screen for iTunes is easy to see. When I jam with a keyboard or guitar it's easiy and fast to just run up or down the scale to find the proper key. But when I play harmonica it can be a pain. Everytime I want to change keys I have to grab another harp. So that means if I don't hear the key correct when it starts I might have to thru 12 harps.


Anyway to add the key of a song on an iTune without jacking things up ? I've fooled around a little but haven't figured things out.


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iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    iTunes doesn't have a field for the song's key, but you could add it in the "comments" field and adjust your view so the comments show up in a column - then you can even sort your songs by key.

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    Thanks for trying to help me. I knew there wasn't field for keys. So I'm trying to work around that.


    I've made my iTunes screen as wide as I can & I can't see a "comments " section. I see "Song Name " ... "Artist"... "Album"  ... yada yada .. am I looking in the proper place ? I'm looking at the top bar shows info ?

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    You have to right+click on the header in iTunes list view. This opens a popup menu where you can select which column you want to display. After that you can drag and resize the columns. This is standard OSX behavior.





    Hope that helps


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    Thanks Edgar .... life will be easier .....



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    I also just figured out I can add the "keys " at the end of the title of the song. I added this in case someone else wanted to know. Darn easy way to add a key if wanted .