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hi, ok at the start i was naive to think i could record all of my songs and add the fx i wanted as i went and just do very liitle in the way of actually mixing the song at the end as I am useless at it and dont really know what things to add (compression, multiband comprss etc from the "master" track options. I have finished my whole album which is very Depeche mode-ish electronic and have set all the levels a bit peaky as i thought some level would get lost but even so allthe songs sound "amazing" through the imac speakers. After 6 months hard graft figuring out programming etc i thought I'd do a quick send to itunes with next to no mix Fx used or alterations in the master section as I wanted to know how bad or good it sounded first without anything...well its pretty crushing to find that the drums and bass are loud and solid and bassy but all the high end , trebly bits are amost completely lost (even though i panned them to extremes to stand out form the bass bits)...but the major thing is iall the songs really have no prescence and no level and no punch. I am scared now as I dont really no where to start to alter these songs with regards a good proper mix...i hear people say dont mix in GB use Audacity is it the way to go and is the mix much better? How do i get the closest to a pro Depche Mode sounding album in GB or elsewhere for free? Ive never ahd a porblem mixing before as I worked with hardware studios but now its all software Im very confused . What are the basics to use to get a clean , upfront sound to all tracks ina  song.

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