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  • Benjamin Spratling Level 1 Level 1

    Fascinating.  I have suspected corruption on my rMBP for a few months, expecially since iTunes swapped the album artwork all around and gave some music artwork from a podcast.  Oh yeah, and occasionally the entire machine throws garbage on the screen and crashes.  I just assumed that a time machine back up would also save whatever caused the corruption in the first place.  I guess it's good to hear that wasn't your experience.  If the problem starts back up for you, please, please post here.  Oh right, and just for clarification, how, exactly do I go about reinstallig Mountain Lion, cleanly?  What if the copy on the recovery partition is faulty?  Can I do this from another Mountain Lion machine? A link to some instructions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Zak Adelman Level 1 Level 1

    The recovery partition does not have mountain lion on it, only an app to download a fresh copy (that si why it is some 600MB instead of 3GB.)  You can also download the installer from the app store and make a USB key from it by looking inside the item it downloaded, finding a MDG file called Installer ESD, and using disk utility to burn it to DVD or use the restore to a USB stick.

  • Benjamin Spratling Level 1 Level 1

    Ah!  Thanks.  That makes much more sense now.  Well, maybe tomorrow night is just gonna be a bust while I wait for a few 100 GB to copy around.

  • stillripple Level 1 Level 1

    Actually I think you're right. I must take back my previous conclusion: the issue seems to have resolved itself for me now. And I haven't restarted the computer – only turned off and on the Documents & Data checkbox in iCloud in System Preferences as I described. You may well have been right, that it was a corrupted file which has been replaced by doing this, and the massive activity I was seeing (and inaccurately describing as going on and on) was just the initial redownloading of iCoud documents and data.


    All seems well now, no fresh install, not even a restart. Phew! Let's hope it lasts.

  • Tom in London Level 4 Level 4

    You could try spending less time in restaurants 

  • Benjamin Spratling Level 1 Level 1

    Wow.  Thanks for the advice, stillripple.  I finally risked turning iCloud documents & data off and back on, but I double checked that I had backs ups of all my data on another Mac.  All the data came back; at first it was a rush, MB/s of data coming in from the cloud.  It died down to the same 300 kB/s hemorage I had seen before.  But three days later, yep, the constant 300 kB/s drain is gone.  I'm now seeing peaks of 59 kB/s every 30 seconds or so with a constant background of less than 1kB/s.  I'm crossing my fingers the constant drain is gone for good.

  • Benjamin Spratling Level 1 Level 1

    Nope.  The data drain is back, has been for a few weaks.  Do I really have to turn iCloud off and back on each month to stop the perpetual drain?

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