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With iTunes 10 I was able to have one main iTunes library under one user and have a second user (on the same Mac) access it by putting an alias of the iTunes Libray.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml files in the second user's iTunes folder.  This ensured that the library remained synced regardless of which user added or made changes to it.  With iTunes 11, I am no longer able to do this.  If I try I get the following error pop up:  'The iTunes application could not be opened.  An unknown error occured (13014)'.  If I delete the aliases in the second user's account the error message goes away but nothing shows up in the main iTunes window.


I've been able to at least access the iTunes library (which is stored on an external drive) with the second user by changing the iTunes media folder location in advanced preferences to the main iTunes library and then selecting file/add to library and selecting the iTunes media file which (eventually) pulls up all the song/movie/apps etc. information.  However, the 2 libraries do not remain synced (i.e. a change in one does not show up in the other).


Anyone know of a way to get one library to remain synced between 2 user accounts on the same machine with iTunes 11 or am I going to be forced to delete and recreate the second user's iTunes info frequently to 'catch up' with the original?


Any help would be appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo