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My wife uses iPhone, iPad, and Mac with iCal.  Everything is sync'ed properly with iCloud between her devices.  At work, I use Exchange and Outlook.  Historically, when she would send me a calendar invite, it would show up in my Outlook inbox and I could properly accept and it would show up properly in my Outlook calendar.  Recently though (started maybe 2 months ago) when she sends me a calendar invite and I accept, it shows up on my Outlook calendar an hour earlier than it's supposed to.  This seems like an obvious DST or time zone problem, but I can't figure out what is incorrectly set.  All my wife's devices, including iCloud.com, are properly set to Pacific Time (UTC-08:00).  My work PC also is set to Pacific Time.  When I download the .ics from the invite, it shows the correct time zone also.


My sense is that something is inconsistently set with regard to daylight saving setting, but I am at a loss as to where to look (Apple devices, iCloud.com, my work PC?).  Any help or suggestions most appreciated!