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Had this happen twice now.

Running a quadro 4000 card (brand new).

it's in sot 16x

setup is:

slot 1: 5770 ati

slot 2: quadro 4000

slot 3: sonnet 4ep

slot 4: RED ROCKET

i've had this happen twice now, once I was in resolve and it crashed.. booted back up and the quadro 4000 card wasn't showing up in profiler anymore. took it out, re seated it and then it was fine.

2nd time I was in preview lookign at some pictures and the computer crashed, causing the reboot and again, the card has vanished from profiler.

I'm on a job right now shooting RED so I don't require it but would like to get to the bottom of this, latest CUDA drivers installed. Is there some sort of software I can run to see if the card is kapoot? needs replacing?

thanks guys.

running 10.8.2 as well.



here's the log:


Interval Since Last Panic Report: 596030 sec

Panics Since Last Report: 3

Anonymous UUID: B0957BEB-F56F-AE5F-63FB-B7BA4CAA6F2E

Thu Dec 13 09:20:53 2012

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f8da5543a): NVRM[0/6:0:0]: Read Error 0x0061002c: CFG 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0xffffffff, BAR0 0xb0000000 0xffffff839e613000 0x0c0e80a3, D0, P0/3

Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address

0xffffff838fd2bc30 : 0xffffff800ca1d626

0xffffff838fd2bca0 : 0xffffff7f8da5543a

0xffffff838fd2bd60 : 0xffffff7f8db52049

0xffffff838fd2bdc0 : 0xffffff7f8dda3a00

0xffffff838fd2bde0 : 0xffffff7f8db27520

0xffffff838fd2be00 : 0xffffff7f8dbde4db

0xffffff838fd2be70 : 0xffffff7f8da3d2ad

0xffffff838fd2bf30 : 0xffffff7f8d9fd68f

0xffffff838fd2bf60 : 0xffffff800ca3dcde

0xffffff838fd2bfb0 : 0xffffff800cab26b7

Kernel Extensions in backtrace:


dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.7.1)[9901C237-547C-3B52-99DE-C4870A19E2B5]@0xffffff7f8cf89000

dependency: com.apple.iokit.IONDRVSupport(2.3.5)[86DDB71C-A73A-3EBE-AC44-0BC9A38B9A44]@0xffffff7f8d7be000

dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily(2.3.5)[803496D0-ADAD-3ADB-B071-8A0A197DA53D]@0xffffff7f8d787000


dependency: com.apple.NVDAResman(3.0.4)[BC567F28-823E-3FB4-A726-F13C4041C44D]@0xffffff7f8d9f8000

dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.7.1)[9901C237-547C-3B52-99DE-C4870A19E2B5]@0xffffff7f8cf89000

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task

Mac OS version:


Kernel version:

Darwin Kernel Version 12.2.0: Sat Aug 25 00:48:52 PDT 2012; root:xnu-2050.18.24~1/RELEASE_X86_64

Kernel UUID: 69A5853F-375A-3EF4-9247-478FD0247333

Kernel slide: 0x000000000c800000

Kernel text base: 0xffffff800ca00000

System model name: MacPro5,1 (Mac-F221BEC8)

System uptime in nanoseconds: 2871531219379

last loaded kext at 2593001871676: com.apple.filesystems.smbfs     1.8 (addr 0xffffff7f8ef2d000, size 229376)

loaded kexts:

com.sonnettech.SonnetSATABlockStorage     2.2.9

com.nvidia.CUDA     1.1.0

com.aladdin.kext.aksfridge     1.0.2

com.paceap.kext.pacesupport.snowleopard     5.7.2b8

com.logmein.driver.LogMeInSoundDriver     1.0.0

com.sonnettech.driver.SonnetSATA     2.2.9

com.red.driver.redrocket     1.4.28

com.caldigit.driver.AHCIPatch     1

com.apple.filesystems.smbfs     1.8

com.apple.driver.StorageLynx     3.1.0

com.apple.driver.Oxford_Semi     3.1.0

com.apple.driver.LSI_FW_500     3.1.0

com.apple.driver.IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolSansPhysicalUnit     3.1.0

com.apple.driver.initioFWBridge     3.1.0

com.apple.driver.AppleFireWireStorage     3.1.0

com.apple.driver.AppleHWSensor     1.9.5d0

com.apple.filesystems.autofs     3.0

com.apple.driver.AudioAUUC     1.60

com.apple.iokit.IOUserEthernet     1.0.0d1

com.apple.driver.AppleUpstreamUserClient     3.5.10

com.apple.driver.AppleMikeyHIDDriver     122

com.apple.GeForce     8.0.1

com.apple.driver.AppleMCCSControl     1.0.33

com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothSerialManager     4.0.9f33

com.apple.driver.AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver     2.3.1f2

com.apple.driver.AppleMikeyDriver     2.3.1f2

com.apple.kext.AMDFramebuffer     8.0.0

com.apple.driver.AppleTyMCEDriver     1.0.2d2

com.apple.driver.AGPM     100.12.69

com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothUSBDFU     4.0.9f33

com.apple.driver.AppleHDA     2.3.1f2

com.apple.AMDRadeonAccelerator     1.0.0

com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X     7.0.0

com.apple.driver.AppleLPC     1.6.0

com.apple.iokit.BroadcomBluetoothHCIControllerUSBTransport     4.0.9f33

com.apple.driver.ApplePolicyControl     3.2.11

com.apple.driver.ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin     1.0.0

com.apple.iokit.SCSITaskUserClient     3.5.1

com.apple.driver.XsanFilter     404

com.apple.driver.AppleFWOHCI     4.9.6

com.apple.driver.AppleFileSystemDriver     3.0.1

com.apple.driver.Intel82574L     2.3.0b4

com.apple.BootCache     34

com.apple.driver.AppleUSBHub     5.2.5

com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIBlockStorage     2.2.2

com.apple.driver.AirPort.Brcm4331     602.15.22

com.apple.driver.AppleIntel8254XEthernet     3.1.1b1

com.apple.AppleFSCompression.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib     1.0.0d1

com.apple.AppleFSCompression.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless     1.0.0d1

com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI     5.4.0

com.apple.driver.AppleUSBUHCI     5.2.5

com.apple.driver.AppleEFINVRAM     1.6.1

com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort     2.4.1

com.apple.driver.AppleRTC     1.5

com.apple.driver.AppleHPET     1.7

com.apple.driver.AppleACPIButtons     1.6

com.apple.driver.AppleSMBIOS     1.9

com.apple.driver.AppleACPIEC     1.6

com.apple.driver.AppleAPIC     1.6

com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient     196.0.0

com.apple.security.quarantine     2

com.apple.nke.applicationfirewall     4.

Model: MacPro5,1, BootROM MP51.007F.B03, 4 processors, Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 2.8 GHz, 32 GB, SMC 1.39f11

Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro 4000, NVIDIA Quadro 4000, PCIe, 2048 MB

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770, ATI Radeon HD 5770, PCIe, 1024 MB

Memory Module: DIMM 1, 8 GB, DDR3 ECC, 1066 MHz, 0x857F, 0x463732314755363746393333334700000000

Memory Module: DIMM 2, 8 GB, DDR3 ECC, 1066 MHz, 0x857F, 0x463732314755363746393333334700000000

Memory Module: DIMM 3, 8 GB, DDR3 ECC, 1066 MHz, 0x857F, 0x463732314755363746393333334700000000

Memory Module: DIMM 4, 8 GB, DDR3 ECC, 1066 MHz, 0x857F, 0x463732314755363746393333334700000000

AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x8E), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

Bluetooth: Version 4.0.9f33 10885, 2 service, 11 devices, 1 incoming serial ports

Network Service: Wi-Fi, AirPort, en2

PCI Card: NVIDIA Quadro 4000, sppci_displaycontroller, Slot-2

PCI Card: NVIDIA Quadro 4000, NVDA,Parent, Slot-2

PCI Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770, sppci_displaycontroller, Slot-1

PCI Card: Sonnet Tempo SATA E4P, sppci_ide, Slot-3

PCI Card: RED Rocket, sppci_video, Slot-4

Serial ATA Device: Hitachi HUS724020ALE640, 2 TB

Serial ATA Device: Hitachi HUS724020ALE640, 2 TB

Serial ATA Device: WDC WD1001FALS-41Y6A0, 1 TB

Serial ATA Device: HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GH61N

Serial ATA Device: OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD, 240.06 GB

USB Device: Keyboard Hub, apple_vendor_id, 0x1006, 0xfa200000 / 2

USB Device: Apple Keyboard, apple_vendor_id, 0x0220, 0xfa220000 / 3

USB Device: BRCM2046 Hub, 0x0a5c (Broadcom Corp.), 0x4500, 0x5a100000 / 2

USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, apple_vendor_id, 0x8215, 0x5a110000 / 3

USB Device: USB Laser Mouse, 0x046d (Logitech Inc.), 0xc069, 0x3d100000 / 2

FireWire Device: built-in_hub, 800mbit_speed

FireWire Device: Rugged FW/USB, LaCie, 800mbit_speed


OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)