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My school has recently invested in FCX and I am the one set with the task of trying to understand it. As a practice am I trying to edit together the Xmas school play! We have a two camera set up - pretty basic! I am slowly getting the hang of a few things - but I am sure that my multicamera workflow could be improved - and here lies my question. I currently have one main camera - the wide angle shot as the main clip or stream (sorry I dont even have the correct terminology!). The second camera was doing close ups. At the moment I am selecting clips from close-up event and dropping them on to the main wide angle stream - and though it works (having detached and removed the audio) it is a tedious task trying to sync the dropped clip every time. So my first (of many I am sure) question is - can I add both camera feeds as whole, and then swap in and out as I want? Or is it always the top most clip that plays? I guess I would like a little marker that says "Play this stream" and then move it back and forth between both cameras. Apologies for what is probably a basic question. Hopefully someone can help!

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    Here is a broad outline. I highly recommend reviewing this section on multicam– and/or invest ina tutorial (of which there are many that are excellent).



    Import the clips from both cameras into your event. Select them in your event browser and to make a multiclip:


    In the inspector make sure that the angles and cameras are uniquely identified.


    If you have sound on both cameras you can probably sync automatically; if you have a third sound source, you can sync to that as well. If you don't have sound on one of the cameras, you'll have to do this manually.


    This creating the multicam process usually works very well – even with breaks in  recording.


    Once the multiclip is made, bring it into a project timeline, open the angle editor and start cutting.


    Good luck.



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    Russ is spot on.


    Here is some great tutorials to get you started:



    Watch this, and the two following it..


    And then dive into all the Macbreak Studio videos..