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My school has recently invested in FCX and I am the one set with the task of trying to understand it. As a practice am I trying to edit together the Xmas school play! We have a two camera set up - pretty basic! I am slowly getting the hang of a few things - but I am sure that my multicamera workflow could be improved - and here lies my question. I currently have one main camera - the wide angle shot as the main clip or stream (sorry I dont even have the correct terminology!). The second camera was doing close ups. At the moment I am selecting clips from close-up event and dropping them on to the main wide angle stream - and though it works (having detached and removed the audio) it is a tedious task trying to sync the dropped clip every time. So my first (of many I am sure) question is - can I add both camera feeds as whole, and then swap in and out as I want? Or is it always the top most clip that plays? I guess I would like a little marker that says "Play this stream" and then move it back and forth between both cameras. Apologies for what is probably a basic question. Hopefully someone can help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)