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    Others have already covered the anti-virus aspect of this question quite well. However, the question of what this Comcast warning was all about is still mostly open.


    Such warnings can easily be false positives, as "bot-like behavior" is not something that can be identified with 100% accuracy. I have heard many reports of Comcast, in particular, having an issue with false positives. So it could be no more than that.


    This may not be a false positive if you have an infected Windows or Android machine in your home. (If you have had a friend visit with such a device and use your wireless network, that could be sufficient.) However, if the only devices in your house are Macs or iOS devices, malware is extremely unlikely.


    Another possibility is that you have a neighbor piggybacking on your wifi network with an infected machine. If you have an open wireless network (ie, it requires no password), or if it uses weak WEP encryption, you need to lock it down tight with WPA2 encryption. (See the documentation for your wireless router for how to do that.)


    Utlimately, if Comcast is insisting that you scan your Mac with anti-virus software, it's probably not worth arguing. Just install ClamXav (which now detects all of the malware used in my testing, mentioned by MadMacs0), do a scan and report the results.

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    Actually, I got the email from Comcast too, but with most of their crap, I just ignored it as a way to get us on their software deal with Norton.


    I'm not a Mac Pro even though I own a Mac Pro.  I'm using Intego security software, but surely do not know if it's any good or not.  Can you folks comment on Intego and in particular their new Premium Family pack.  They stopped supporting Antispam 6 and gave me a feree download fo the new Family Premium.


    Don't be oncerned with my feelings as I admit I know little about Mac computers and firewall preferences.


    thanks for any assistance.



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    kennethfromorangevale wrote:


    Can you folks comment on Intego and in particular their new Premium Family pack.  They stopped supporting Antispam 6 and gave me a feree download fo the new Family Premium.

    In the past I've owned Virus Barrier X5 and X6. Intego was one of the first Mac A-V products to hit the market and was arguably the best there was after Symantec purchased and ruined Peter Norton's outstanding software. I got both X5 and X6 as part of a package that contained other products that I needed. I tried X5 for about a year and soon started disabling portions of it that seemed to be using CPU cycles unnecessarily (in that it never found anything on my hard drive that I didn't know about). When the subscription expired, I stopped using it altogether, keeping it in reserve in case situations changed to the point that I felt a need for it. Never even installed X6.


    Reading what they have said about VB 2013, it sounds like they have made some substantive changes, so I suspect anything I would have to say about the previous versions would not be useful. About the only thing I know about it is that Thomas Reed's Mac anti-virus testing, part 2 found it to be one of the top two at detecting his Mac malware samples.


    Family Protector is something I have never had to concern myself about, as our first Mac SE 30 wasn't purchased until our kids had moved out and when the grand-kids come to visit they have their own iDevice or MacBook.


    Net Barrier reads as if it's just an automated way to turn your firewall on when you leave your home environment. If your computer is always at home and you have a WPA2 secured network, then that won't be necessary. See Thomas' Do I need a firewall? It appears to also have an incoming firewall capability such as Little Snitch has. That is a capability that I use with LS, but has probably only prevented some minor privacy issues with my setup. Not much more than I get by blocking tracking cookies.


    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but since nobody else has chosen to comment, I thought I'd give you what I've got.

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    You asked; "Also, anyone ever get a warning from Comcast Xfinity Constant Guard that a bot has been detected?"


    Yes. They called me with that same warning. I told him what he could do with the software. The tech threatened to block me from the web. I asked to speaker to a manager. The tech then changed his tune but I refused to talk to him. After asking to speak to a manager three times he finally connected me. I reported what the tech had threatened. I then told the manager if any one from Xfinity ever spoke to me like that again they would not be blocked me because I would be switching to another ISP. That was the last I heard from Xfinity on that subject.



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