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Trying to sync my iphone calendar to my DH's is driving me effing crazy!!!


Here are the issues:


-I have 5 calendars to share, all shared with DH fine except the one that I have created for the kids schedule has decided to go public and no matter how many times I change it to private it keeps going back to public


-New calendars appeared on their own, I try to delete them but they keep coming back.


-An event I created, I deleted but it keeps coming back as well.


-A calendar I created to "test" I want to delete but I can not, it keeps coming back.


I am pretty new to Iphone but have had an Ipod touch for 3 years.  Why does it ask me if I am sure I want to delete the event/calendar when it knows it is not going to delete it.  I have turned off icloud and put it back on, I have backed up to icloud, I have tried to make the changes from the phone and from icloud, what gives??  Do I need to dump the calendar all together?  I was so happy at the thought of DH and I being able to sync but the problems here are too annoying for me to want to use this calendar.  I hope someone here can help me resolve these issues. Thanks!   

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, Using Icloud on a PC