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I have iTunes 11 on a mac with all up to date software, I can't find a way to change cover art for albums, I can do it for individual songs but that's not enough. Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Select all songs in the album, get info, then paste the artwork into the box at the bottom rhs of the info page. Exactly the same as iTunes 10 except that right click, paste doesn't work - you need to use cmd V.

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    That solved the album problem but undid all the custom art selections I had for the individual tracks, do I have to do all that over again?

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    You can have individual artwork for each track or album art for the whole album but you can't have both I'm afraid.

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    But thats exactly what I did have before, I was not asking how to add album artwork I was asking how to change it. I already had individual track artwork and an overall album picture but I wanted a different album picture. So What's going on?

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    Brij011: You can have both individual track artwork and album art together in iTunes 11. It's easier to start with the album art (as you describe) and then open each track individually and drag the track artwork into Artwork portion of info. From there, you can rearrange the artwork to either show each track piece when the track is playing or to show the album artwork (whichever one is first in order will be displayed in the playing dialoge at the top of iTunes or with tools like Bowtie). It's a pain and much more difficult than it was <11, but it still works.


    To the OP: I don't know how to change the default album artwork anymore in 11. It seems like it just pulls the first piece of artwork from the first track on the album, so if you're leading with track artwork in your Get Info box, then the album artwork will end up being the art from the first track.


    Like others who have large iTunes collections and place a high level of importance on album artwork, I'm really disappointed that Apple has left us behind in favor of casual users. Here's to hoping that they re-introduce full artwork management in 11.1. 

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    rcrawley wrote:


    Like others who have large iTunes collections and place a high level of importance on album artwork, I'm really disappointed that Apple has left us behind in favor of casual users. Here's to hoping that they re-introduce full artwork management in 11.1. 


    I am a massive fan of Apple but it is situations like these that cause loyal users to consider alternatives. At the end of the day Apple products are not cheap and I find it infuriating that a considerable number of hours have been wasted putting comphrehensive artwork in my iTunes that has now been made redundant for a very long time due to Apple's very annoying changes.


    "Here's to hoping that they re-introduce full artwork management in 11.1" Well I wouldn't hold your breath as Apple got rid of the facility to simply switch from (for example) the front cover to the back cover artwork many years ago.

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    Just right click the song and click "Create AAC Version" wait until it finished to create it just takes 10secs. then you can edit and put album art with the song you've created to AAC Version..

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    It's now Dec 2013 and I have and the artwork is still a PAIN! Get this, some of my song's artwork and be modified via the old version (10.0) and that's whacky to me. I have a lot of music and a significant number of albums and songs have no artwork and the way Apple offers you the method to add it, doesn't work! Infuriated is not even close to how I feel. So far this morning I've invested over 3 hours of trying to add artwork to a product that should work. When are you going to get this fixed Apple???

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    Try this:


    1: Turn off iTunes Match


    2: Highlight all the songs in the album. Click delete.


    3: Click "Delete from iCloud", THEN CLICK "Keep Files"


    4: Open the finder, find the album in question. Highlight all the songs within the album, and double click.

    5: The songs should now be in iTunes with iTunes Match off.


    6: Add the desired album artwork to the songs, then turn on iTunes Match. It will re-scan your library.


    7: The correct artwork should be uploaded and available.


    BE AWARE: this menthod will cause you to lose play counts, star ratings, and last played info.

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    if you want to change only one album artwork, you just have to create a "trash-song", one you can choose together with the song you want to change and then select an artwork for both.

    maybe it isnt the best solution but it works ^^

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    Try this:


    1. In the Get Info pane, go to Info.


    2. Copy the album name and past it into the Comments box.


    3. Go back to the Album box and delete the album name.


    4. Go to Artwork and add your artwork.


    5. Click on any other pane, Lyrics, Options, or whatever, then click back on Artwork


    6. Click on your custom artwork and drag it to the left


    7. Click on Okay to closethe Get Info, your artwork should now be displayed with the song.


    Good luck and let me know how it works for you.

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    I agree, it's about time Apple, as a company supposedly keen on good design, sorted out artwork in iTunes. Particularly a way to browse through your collection looking at album covers. Didn't we used to have coverflow? For an idea, look at Amazon's cloud player. Looks amazing. Ditto for remote access on ipad, a beautiful scrolling full colour window with all the album art of any CD I purchased from Amazon. AND the album titles makes sense, not some of the rubbish iTunes downloads. Come on Apple.

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    I am absolutely baffled.  Since updating my iTunes to 11.4 and my iOS to 8, I cannot change the album art for tracks on my iPhone.


    I've tried everything to no avail.  I see the correct album art in iTunes, but when I drag it over to my iPhone, the artwork is the old (original) one.  I've deleted, started over, tried the ideas on here, but no luck.  It was NEVER a problem before, so why on earth can't I change my album artwork on my iPhone?  ANY help would be appreciated... 



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    I was having some difficulties updating album artwork in iTunes 11.4. What I had to do was option click each song individually, select get info and delete out the artwork on the artwork tab. Once the album artwork was cleared out for each song I was able to option click the album, select get info and load the new artwork. Then the artwork stuck. Before doing that, every time I would update iTunes match the album artwork would revert back to the old image.

    This really should not be this difficult.


    Seems like Apple is trying to fix some of the difficiencies introduced with iTunes 11. But it definitely still needs work. There are many times with iTunes 11 I'm left scratching my head trying to figure out what iTunes is doing. Add iTunes match on top of that with iOS 7 and 8 and it gets crazy wierd. Still like it all, but what used to be very easy and intuitive is, well often not.