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How can I prevent my "Notes" from disappearing after about 2 weeks?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    "Notes" syncs and stores your notes at the email address you select when setting up the app- go to it and you'll see them there- mine are in one of my gmail accounts.  I found out the hard way today that when you clean out your inbox of that address (delete everything), it also deletes your "Notes" messages because there is nothing there for "Notes" to sync to.  Check your trash bin on the account and see if they are still there, if so you can restore them back to your inbox and they will re-sync to "Notes".

    I agree that is BS that you have to bog down your inbox with you notes, but there it is.  Yours may be gone after 2-weeks because you may have an auto-clean set up on your email account.

    Hope this helps!

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    I concur in the problem with Notes vanishing all of  a sudden when you sever the corresponding mail connection.


    In Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars  check which accounts say Notes in the services description line below the name. If you had any one with the service enabled and later disabled it, that would cause notes to vanish in thin air. Then, if two or more accounts are Notes-enabled, you can also priorize which will be the default: Settings / Notes / Default.


    Lastly, as AppleMO points out, if you delete the document in the corresponding mailbox, manually or automatically, the corresponding note in the Notes app will vanish as well. In my iCloud mailbox, notes get stored as regular email messages. In my GMail account, an explicit Notes folder appeared and gathers all the note documents expicitly.


    What I would like to know is how to undo Notes' cloud sync capabilities and have it gather back in local storage all its pages.

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    To keep your NOTES on your iPad you need to turn off the Notes entry under your Accounts.  Here is how:


    1) Go to SETTINGS


    2) go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars


    3) Under Accounts to the top right of your screen, go to EACH account listed there.


    4) you will get a pop-up window which will list the following:








    Next to each entry is an on/off switch.  Here is where you turn OFF the Notes.


    If you do NOT do it for all Accounts listed they most likely will disappear into the accounts that were NOT turned off.


    The trigger for this appears to be when you Sync your iPad to your computer, and since iTunes does NOT have any "folders" for the above metioned apps, this info is then sent off to your email account.  And it also appears that Apple automatically links your Notes to your email account.


    One last point.  When my Notes first disappeared the first place I looked into was my Yahoo Account and they were NOT there.  Three weeks LATER is when they first appeared.  Why they delay, that is the new mystery....