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Not real computer savy but this happened all of the sudden.  Tryed going back and watching videos I've watched before.  No go.  Tryed uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe a couple of times with restart, no change.  Made sure my apple updates were up to date, nothing. 


There was some direction on YouTube to try right clicking or ctrl clicking on the video and it'll bring up a certain menu where you can select to watch the video a different way.  Tryed that, and the menu options they say should come up, don't come up.


I can't figure it out.  Help would be much appreciated as it's driving me nuts.

Thank you!


MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Don't know if this matters but; I'm still able to see or have auto-play of the video ad at the top of YouTube page.  Also, the video player bar that should show at the bottome of videos is NOT showing up on the videos for me at all (no play, pause, stop, none of the playing bar at the bottom of the video). 

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    Are you running Safari? Have you tried a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome?



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    You rock Clinton!  It was F*king Safari messing up my mojo.  Man, I just spent... 5 hours of pure frustration.  Thank you so much, you've gotta have some good karma coming your way for that. 


    So, installing Firefox did the dealio for me on this one. 


    Now I can watch fun videos like;









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    Um, yeah - rockin'!


    You're welcome...


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    I share Elizabeth's problem. Have tried all three browsers but get a black/blank square without video but audio as usual. This happens for music as well as for video/movie shows.

    This problem is being brought up in other forums in great number. No trouble on wife's - gulp - Windows PC nor on my Toshiba laptop. So it' NOT YouTube's fault.


    This is a new issue since November before which I had no such trouble.

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    Same problem here. Installed 10.6.8 yesterday, today I get only black squares, no sound, nothing. Using Firefox. Yesterday everything worked, today it doesn't. How to fix?

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    Glad to report that after installing Safari I was able to get YouTube without a problem. I checked both Firefox and Google Chrome again and both gave me the black box.


    Hope that installing Safari will work for you too - at least - try it.

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    Safari was already installed, I was using Firefox. Followed someone else's instruction in another thread to download Adobe Flashplayer (which I used to have before upgrading to 10.6, but it somehow disappeared). As soon as I had Flashplayer, everything worked perfectly.

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    i'm having the same problem. black box, no sound, no visual, no arrow to click. NOTHING. it happened suddenly about 2 weeks ago to my desk top mac, iphone and ipad. running mac on chrome. 

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    This began to happen to me a year ago. Confident that Apple would not give an explanation I subscribed to Safari and had no more trouble. Sometimes I get a link to Youtube and have to copy/paste it into Safari.


    Other than using my Mac because I paid for it, I have lost all my initital enthusiasm in that outfit after I purchased the MP3 Component and lost it when I upgraded from one cat to another. Upon asking for a replacement they refused to acknowledge that I ever purchased it despite my sending them all the pertinent information including ooriginal dates and confirmation numbers.


    I was curtly told that they don't keep records beyond a certain time period, in effect calling me a liar.


    I now a happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet with excellent customer service and free apps.