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HI i have a 2010 macbook pro and i am having a strange issue with it.. just out of the blue it started lagging really bad in OSX ( mouse lag, keyboard lag and graphics lag all the time like chopyness) . i thought i had a case of bad hard drive/install. i replace the hdd and am now stuck with a paperweight, i cant install osx, it just lags the same way. i let it sit trying to install osx for over 9 hours.. it never compleated. Now here is the twist. before i formatted both hard drives safemode would be just fine. any other mode no it wuld just lag. in the boot device menu afer holding option, there would be no lagg on that screen. also i do not get the lag in any windows OS ( currently installing windows 7 to test system) i am thinking ram? am i right or is there a another issue i might need to look at..





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.4GHz c2d, 4gb ram