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I have been happily using a 2010 MBP for 2.5 years with no eyestrain and no problems. I am a writer and use the computer for 6-10 hours.


I wanted to upgrade and bought the 13.3 inch Macbook Pro. Within one day my eyes felt burnt out. My wife noticed and, without prompting , asked why my eyes were so red. I called apple,they don't have any different screens on the 13 inch macbook pro and after reading about retina burn on the new retina range I am not keen to try one of those.


What the ****'s going on here? How can Apple make a product that is so damaging? I really want to upgrade my MBP but at the expense of my eyesight...


NB I had the same problems with a LED display screen early in the year and had to send that back to.


Question -- are the Macbook Airs any less reflective/easier on the eye?



LED Cinema Display (27-inch), Mac OS X (10.6.8)