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For 2-3 days my iCloud e-mail account (former .mac & .me) stopped working. It says the password is incorrect but basically everything except the e-mail works with that password. What did happen? Same thing for iPad, iPhone, Mac (Mail.app & iCloud.com)

iPhone 5, iOS 5
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    I too have been locked out of  my mail account for over 48 hours.  I do not use "other devices" and rely on this email for many personal and business contacts, including ebay, and not cannot get emails from ebay either.  I am furious and have been on the phone with every conceivable mac help person, and no one can do anything until they send me a password reset (48 hours).  Of course I can't get into my mail program to get the reset email, so had to talk to 2 other mac help people to get them to use another email account in order to get the password reset.  Supposedly they think my Itunes security was breached which is ridiculous because i don't use Itunes. They are incompetent fools if they think they can cover up their mistakes by saying things like that.


    I have had this mac mail account for over 10 years but no more.  This kind of thing used to happen more frequently years ago, but in the past couple of years it had not happened, but now this is absolutely unacceptable.  DOES MAC EVER EVEN READ THESE ISSUES OR ARE WE JUST SPITTING INTO THE WIND, as they say?  Sorry but I can't even tell you how angry I am.  Will not be renewing my mac mail account ever.

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    I have the same issue.  No icloud email on any device since the 12th.  Appears to be an icloud server issue.  I did contact support on Friday, it was escalated to the next level up and then escalated to an engineering team.  I was told would not hear back from them until Monday at the earliest.  No updates yet.  They were courteous, knowledgeable and escalated this quickly but....


    Now no email for 6 days.


    I wonder how many people have to be down for the icloud status to show "some people are having trouble with email."


    I honestly have had very few issues with apple email since the first days of .mac.  Until this.

    Six days is unacceptable.

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    Call Apple Care and they will get you connected.  It took me a few days but I am back on line.  It was a big screw up on Apple's part but they will never admit it. Apple Care should help you immediately by changing showing you how to change your password.  Be aggressive they will never follow up without you calling them.

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    Are you suggesting that changing your password completely resolved the issue for you?

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    Yes--do you believe that?  Not only that, I just got an email this morning from Apple Support (NOT Applecare) as follows cut and paste below.  So a week later, they are going to help me resolve the issue TOMORROW MORNING of not being able to access my hundreds and hundreds of emails.  Unbelievable.  I think it must have been a system-wide snafu (only polite word I could think of) "f--k up" is more like it.  And they didn't know who was affected, so they just had to wait until we complained.  Wanna bet no one from Apple even cares or even knows how many were affected, and won't have any idea how to find that out, either.  Please let me know your outcome.  Very best,


    Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for contacting Apple. We look forward to speaking with you and resolving this issue. Below are details about your scheduled call.

    We'll call you at this phone number:
    Date: December 19
    Time: Approximately 8:15 a.m. Pacific
    Case number:

    If you use a calendar application such as iCal, you can add this appointment to your calendar by simply clicking the attached calendar file.

    Access your case  online to get more details, reschedule or cancel the call, or change the phone number. You can also call Apple at 800-APL-CARE about this case. Please have your case number handy.

    Apple Support

    P.S. Your feedback is very important to us. If you have suggestions for improving the support experience, please let us know.

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    0.1% users affected



    Above is iCloud status for today (12/18)

    System Status as of1:59 PM EST

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    This worked for me.  Even though my apple ID password was working, it was not working for email access.  When I changed it, email started working again.


    I'm not sure why this wouldn't have been immediatley apparent to Apple support folks or why I wouldn't have gotten a request to change my password if that was an issue.  Anyway.  Solved my problem.


    Thanks for the help.