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I've been using photo stream with Aperture and my iphone with no problems since it first came out. But suddenly this week the photo stream feature on aperture started acting strange. Now every time I open Aperture, it downloads a new copy of photos that are already listed in photo-stream. Some photos are listed as many as 8 times

Aperture PS duplicates.jpeg

Above is a screenshot from my photo stream, the copies outlined in yellow. On my iphone there are only ~1000 photos in photo stream, but on aperture there are now 8000+ photos, with more downloading every time I reopen the application. I've read about other people having trouble with edited photos duplicated on photo-stream because of Aperture''s master / version system - but ALL of my photo stream photos are being duplicated, most of them were never touched.


I recently had my macbook repaired for an airport card failure - they also wiped the drive and had to restore from a Time Machine backup, but this problem did not arise until weeks after I did the restoration. If anyone has any idea how to stop this, I would really appreciate it.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)