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If you delete a contact, if you go into Messages and make a New Message (SMS/Text), in TO: if you type the first letter of the contact, it still appears. The deleted contact doesn't show up in the contact list but it does in the New Message (SMS/Text) TO: field.


I did a lot of research here and tried these:


1- Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings

2- Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Keyboard Dictionary

3- Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location and Privacy


4- Settings -> General -> Spotlight Search -> unchecked Contacts - Mail - Messages - Rebooted iPhone


I did all these and the old deleted contacts still appears in New Message


This is driving me crazy. I have seen another suggestion to

Delete all files in following 2 folders:




But my iPhone is not jailbroken and I have not seen any software that can access the /private/var/mobile/Library/ in a non jailbroken iphone.


Any ideas? This is ridiculous that after Reset All Settings, they are still there.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1