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The Mac App Store wants me to install updates that I've already installed.  It finds and updates software on my Mac, just as it should, but the next time I return to the App Store, it says I haven't updated that software even though I have.


Example:  Aperture.  The Mac App Store found an update: version 3.4.3.  Great!  I installed it over a week ago.  In fact, when I launch Aperture and go to About Aperture, I see that I'm running version 3.4.3.  So, why does the Mac App Store show the 3.4.3 update listed on my Updates tab?


I see six updates in the updates page, but I've already updated them.  Pixelmator: updated.  Coda 2:  Updated.  Aperture: updated.  But they're still listed as if they haven't been updated at all.  What's going on, and how can I fix it?