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I bought my MBP back in 2008 at my university because I was tired of PCs.  I had a Gateway then two HPs, and finally my Mac and it's been the best ever.  However, I'm currently starting to run into troubles and I think it might just be do to age.  I've googled, youtubed, and searched for about every troubleshooting tip I can find and not really getting any answers except, "It's probably your hardware."  So this makes things difficult because I am also currently deployed and I use my Mac to stay in contact with family and friends as well as take care of finances and occasionally take care of some work and schooling when I have the free time.  If my Mac finally just stops working, I'm going to lose the capability of all that.  Yes we have MWR, but its super small and almost always busy. Time limit on it is only a half hour.  Now apparently I'm suppsed to call Support to try and have them help me figure it out, but they want to charge me $19 because everything on it has expired.  It's almost 5 years old, of course its going to expire.  Don't really know what I'm supposed to do besides order a brand new Mac, but don't really want or can afford to drop the cash.  What else can I do?  Some of the issues I'm having are:


Mac will restart or shutdown on it's own.  Sometimes when it reboots I also get a gray failure screen.  Time that it stays on varies to a couple hours to sometimes only twenty minutes.


Screen flickers now and then and then produces a very crappy image which I have to restart to fix.


The Mac is getting super hot in the top left corner near the ESC key.  I've noticed it get warm before, but this is actually slightly painful to the touch.  I rest it on a laptop cooler and have those fans on, but it's really not helping.  Some troubleshooting tips have suggested this may be one of the reasons that I'm having difficulties.


My trackpad is non operational.  It went out about 2 weeks ago and I was forced to switch to using a mouse.  Took forever to disable the trackpad when a mouse was plugged in through Universal Access because I could not even click with the track pad by simple touch or by pushing.


And finally, it's just become downright slow.  I don't have a lot of programs or anything on it, but when I first had it, started up and everything went smoothly.  Now just even opening Safari, the icon will bounce for quite awhile before it finally loads.


Am I going to just have to pony up the dough or is there something Apple can do to help me out?  Thanks.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.7.2)