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my iMac (2009, Mountain Lion) does pair with my remote. Otherwise the remote (or remotes, I tried two) are working fine with the iMac, it just wont pair.


I need it to pair as I have an iMac and MPB and each having its own remote (each computer should react only to its remote, not the other computer remote)


I googled this extensively, here is what I did so far:


- obviously, trying the normail "pair remote" procedure as the support page says

- checking that infrared remote pairing is enabled and no other remote is currenly paired

- restarting Mac OS

- removing and reinsterting battery in remote

- making sure I am an Admin

- disabling the remote function in Plex and killing all Plex (and EyeTV and similar) processes via Activity Monitor (thought they might somehow limite the OS control over the remote)

- tried the same with another remote (does not pair as well)


This is very annoying.

Can anyone help out?


Much appreciated

Mac Book Pro, iMac, iPhone, Mac OS X (10.6.4)