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Here's the story:


I have a early 2009 Macbook (actually it's my wife's). Suddenly the screen backlight has started turning off. If I reset the SMC I can usually get the backlight to come back on for a short time, but it is not permanent. I took it in to the genius bar (where they told me about the SMC reset procedure), but they couldn't tell me what was wrong. They suggested some possibilities such as Inverter, inverter cable or screen and wanted ~ $300 to fix. I hate to send it in and pay a fortune for a repair when it may only be just the cable or inverter. I'm also concerned that if none of those things fix it that I wasted $300. I am tech savvy and am a PC guy (sorry Apple), and can do a repair myself if needed. If it doesn't pay to try and fix, I'll buy my wife a macbook pro and try to sell the macbook for parts (or use it connected to an external monitor). If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations about what I should do I would be very appreciative.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5)