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ATV 3 has black screen


Earlier today, I watched a show on Netfix and later did AirPlay from my MBP.  Ready to watch a show and now have a Black Screen.  Followed instructions to unplug and then plug back in after 5-seconds.  An Apple Logo appears for a few seconds then back to the Black Screen. Try holding down the Menu on the remote and the indicator light goes out then comes back on when I release.  Same with the Select button.  When pressing the Play/Pause button, the indictor on the ATV3 goes out and stays out.  Pressing the select button, the ATV3 indicator comes back on.


Unplugging for > 30-seconds, same systems.


Switching the TV to my S-Video input, I can see what my DVD player and the DVD that is in it.   Yes my TV is back on HDMI2 and that it is the correct port for the Apple TV 3.


I give up for tonight.


iPad 2, iPhone 4, and MacBook Pro AirPlay are not working with the Apple TV.  I tried them also but what I really want is to watch Netflix.

Apple TV (3rd generation)