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How do I stop the Ipod Touch from showing up as a drive, when connecting to a Windows Laptop?

In the early days of use, the Ipod did not show as a drive when connecting up to sync. There was something I changed in the settings, and now I can't find how to go back to the original settings.

There's not much that the Ipod shows when opened as a drive as there is no camera on the Ipod 3g.


Computer - Windows 7

Ipod 3g.

Ipod touch 32gb, iOS 4
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    If you have pictures on the Camera Roll, that will cause the ipod to show up as a drive.


    The Camera Roll contains pictures saved from Safari and any screenshots you have taken on your iPod.


    Look into the folders (DCIM I think) on the drive and remove any pictures you find in there. If you wish to save them, do so into a folder on your computer. If you want them on your iPod, save them into a folder that is Synced with your iPod.

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    Yes that fixed the problem. It was easier than that:- onthe Ipod there were two screen shots stored under the "photos" icon. After deleting these the Ipod syncs without having the pop-up of the Ipod shown as an external drive connected.


    This has annoyed me for over a Year.