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Good morning,


Due to my 10.5 Server constantly lagging out I redirected the ~/Library/Cache to the local machines for network users which has helped the network and server be completely stable for a week now but a new problem has arised.  After I did this, Microsoft Office AutoSave and *save* features not longer work.  When the iMac network user goes onto Office and AutoSave tries to save the document, they get a permissions error saying they do not have permissions to write to the drive and the error stays up for 5 attempts until the next autosave (sadly 15mins later).  In addition, when a user tries to just use the "Save" button, it makes them rename the document with a number at the end, or something completely different.  They however do not have this issues when using "Save As".  I have read the support case from 3yrs ago found here:




However, I do not know how to go about doing this without re-enabling all the cache folders. 


My Server is 10.5.8

My Clients are all 10.6.8


Any help would be appreciated, as this cache redirecting has worked so well, keeping network usage below 10mb/s and cpu usage never going above 20% on average use. 

Mac Pro, OS X Server, Lion