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I'm looking for a SCSI card that will support 68 pin SCSI drives (15K Cheetahs) on a Mac G4 Quicksilver running Mac OS 9 ONLY (Not Classic. I only installed OS 9 from the retail disc and am NOT using Mac OS X). I have Adaptec 2940UW and Adaptec 2940U2W cards which work on my Blue and White G3 with SCSI drives. However those Adaptec cards do not work on the G4....at least you can't boot from a SCSI drive on them.


I would like a card that may also work in OS X in case I change the purpose of the machine later as I have those original install discs. I have read of some folks using the ATTO UL4D with success in OS X, but wanted to know if anyone knows if it will work in OS 9.2.1 only or Classic. I called ATTO Tech and they weren't sure, and some old web pages I have read only mention OS X. Hence, I'm unsure if it's compatible with OS9. I would appreciate any feedback from SCSI users. Also, if there are other cards that you think would work with my setup, please advise.





PowerMac, Mac OS 9.2.x, G4 Quicksilver 933 mHz