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I have some videos in 1080p , 50 fps , h264.


Im not able to sync them with my iPad through iTunes, it says iPad cant play them, so i want to convert them, i choose preset for iPad Retina in Compressor and duplcate it, but there isnt any option to leave it in 1080p, its changing the output to 720p.


And next thing, is iPad 4 able to play 50fps?




Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Is there something unusual about the videos? Are they things you shot…downloaded?


    Compressor doesn't resize videos unless instructed to. I would re-check the size of the originals by opening QuickTime and hitting command i. Verify that it is 1080. If it is and you use the 1080 Apple Device preset, it shouldn't change the size.


    As far as frame rate is concerned, although I don't know a lot about iPads, I'd be surprised if it mattered in playback whether they were 50 fps or 5 fps.



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    Yes shoot by me then edited in fcpx and exported via compressor, im sure its 1080p

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    Double check it in Quick Time. It could have been changed in FCP.


    Again, if you use the 1080 preset, it won't scale it down.