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My iPhone 5 refuses to connect reliably to WiFi. Whether its my home network or school network, both of which my MacBook connect perfectly to and have never caused problems, the iPhone constantly disconnects from, requiring me to load the wifi menu in the Settings app before it attempts to reconnect. Even once it does, it constantly drops the connection and switches back to cellular. As I said, I've never had this issue on my MacBook or my older iPhone 4. I've reset the network settings on my phone and performed a hard reset on my AirPort Extreme to no avail. This is quite annoying. My data usage has spiked since getting the iPhone 5 due to the constant video watching and app downloading over cellular when it shouldn't (as in, I'm in my home where I expect the WiFi to be working). I used the diagnostics tool and now have a Genius Bar appointment set up for Monday, but I hoped I could get some insight here before needing to go to the store.

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    Hi - unfortunately what you are describing sounds like a wi-fi antenna/radio issue - a trip to the Apple store sounds like a good idea.

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    Went to the Genius Bar today. After the diagnostics run, my phone was restored and the genius recommended I restore my data manually rather from a backup that might have been corrupt. However, I just got home and I already notice the battery life being horrible (dropped 12% on the way home, with a freshly restored phone, meaning no apps would have been using data) and the same problems connecting and staying connected to wifi. Of course, the phone seemed to have no problem connecting to the Apple Store network in the store . Looks like I'll have to go in again. Now that I have a case on file, is it a pretty safe bet I'll get a replacement the next time I bring it in? I don't want to deal with the massive holiday crowds again just to have software restored and the same problems reoccuring.

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    Hey Vince730,


    It's a whole year later and now i am having the exact same issue as you. I even had the same Genius Bar remedy that you did. I have made another appt. to see them on Monday, but wanted to find out what happened to your phone in the end? Did you get a replacement? Was it fixable? Did it cost you? My phone is just outside of it's warranty and won't cover hardware issues. I have a feeling i'm screwed.