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Question if you have more then 5 devices and you want to enable home share

what is the workground for authorization limiit.


It really painful proccess.  I have one single computer with entire library.

two mac mini connected to tv bunch of other device laptops etc

and I want to share alll my content on any device at my home network.


So what is the solution ?  The number of device connected to the home/cloud

increase day by day  and apple need to increase a default limit.


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    There is none; Apple can't increase the limit without working out a new deal with the copyright holders.



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    You can get another Apple ID and authorize under it, but there is a wait time between switching which is 90 days.


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    iTunes- How to share music and video

    iTunes- Setting up Home Sharing on your computer

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    it nothing to do with a copyright.  I've huge collection AIFF files and it my personal file so nothing to do

    with content that I've bought from apple.  Authorization has to be for a content itself and not a computer or device.

    An example you can autorize mp3 file or whatever (DRM  technology allows you to do so)

    per each computer but other files would require no authorization.


    I can find gazilion workground solution XMBC/VLC etc etc but I would prefer to use single interface and ulitmatly

    use only iTunes.   I've opened case couple of times, submited feature request but never got propoer respond.


    Logically if you have 10 device and you have never bought anything from iTunes store why should you authorize a computer to use a software feature ( i.e home share)  it doesn't make any sesnse to me.  expect a lazines of developer who create a DRM solution that autorize computer insteand of files.

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    Do we have any petition or anything that ask about improvement that mention here ?

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    The only petition I know of is the one asking that your posts for petitions be removed, and that you cease and desist with such posts. They are in violation of the Terms of Use that you agreed to when you joined these forums.

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    Ok let me re-phrase a my question ?

    Is it my case unique or I'm not just alone who has more then 5 computer and want to use single home share.

    I think it clearly if you have reqirement like that you are apple regular customer.