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I'm trying to create a 1920x720 H264 file with closed captioning.  I have been working with the demo version of Movie Captioner and Compressor to no success. I've been using the QuickTime Pro Player 7 to view captioning when I have had success with varions SD rez files.  Has anyone on the list had success getting a H264 file CCed? 


I'm editing in FCPX.  I am not looking for old tape based solutions with FCP7 or AJA solutions.  Been there done that.  Trying to stay digital if at all possible.


i know Compressor is supposed to take Scenarist files but I have had no success doing it.  I have the .scc file selected in the additional options in compressor.  When the file is done being compressed ==> no close caption track in the file!


Thanks in advance for that person (or people) who help me through this.  lol



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